Acupuncture Treatments

My acupuncture practice is situated within a doctors’ surgery. I recommend to all patients that if they are considering acupuncture, particularly for any non-specific illness such as fatigue or generalised pain, then it is appropriate for any patient to have consulted with a doctor before embarking on treatment, so as to prevent any delay in accessing other necessary biomedical help.

An acupuncture treatment is usually one which people regularly describe as an enjoyable, effective and restful experience. I take a full medical and social history and also ask about stresses and strains in life. I examine the pulse at the wrists (in Chinese medicine there are twelve different pulses), and I palpate the abdomen, and look at the tongue. In addition to this, if it is relevant, I may need to inspect the back, or palpate the lower arms or legs.

I mainly practise a form of Japanese acupuncture which uses the minimal number of sterile needles, usually inserted very superficially and painlessly. I also practise Shonishin – a no-needle technique developed for children which uses tapping and stroking methods instead of needling. I regularly use moxibustion- burning a warming herb on points as a very pleasant adjunct to treatment.

A treatment usually lasts about an hour, after which I recommend that a patient continues to relax at home if possible, avoiding alcoholic drink for the evening.

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